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Priscilla P. Agoncillo

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

For over a decade in California and throughout the world, Priscilla has passionately advocated for cannabis patients rights and has served as a prominent cannabis and hemp business advisor. Priscilla brings expertise in structure, marketing, business strategy, and international development for established companies as well as start-ups breaking into the space.

Priscilla is also on the advisory board for CannTrade, SlowHemp & is the Director of Corporate Relations for the California Hemp Association.

Jimmy "The Chef" Sadegi

Co-Founder & Chief Genetics Officer

With experience in cultivating and breeding for more than 23 years in Spain, the United States and in the Caribbean- Jimmy “The Chef” is considered as one of the top breeders and geneticists for cannabis in the world.

Jimmy is on the advisory board and serves as the Director of Cultivation & Breeding for Leaf of Life Jamaica. 


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Mario Bellandi

Genetic Advisory Board

Mario practiced as a Psycho Therapist in Italy and Spain for 25 years before focusing full time on his passion of breeding cannabis. Mario has collected genetics from around the world for the last 50 years breeding and selecting various cultivars specializing in indigenous strains. Mario is the creator of “Queen Mother” known by the world as the Mother plant to all CBD cultivars.

Jorge Cervantes

OBL Board Member

Jorge Cervantes is a world-renowned horticulture specialist and author/writer specializing in indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation of Medical Cannabis. Jorge has written a best-selling book the Cannabis Bible and is often referenced as the authority on cannabis cultivation.

Jaime Carrion

Genetic Advisory Board

Jaime is the CO-Founder of Resin Seeds as well as the CBD Crew. With over thirty years of experience in the Cannabis industry, Jaime has contributed valuable genetics such as the Cannatonic strain also known as the "Queen of CBD" to the medical cannabis community.


Shane Davis

Genetic Advisory Board

26 Years Biological Experience

Shane has a Biology and Molecular Genetics emphasis from the University of Maryland/Europe & Dickinson State University. Shane is a plant breeder, genetics, and permaculture expert - combining techniques from agronomy, plant breeding, plant spirit, population and phylogenetic genetics, and carbon biotechnology.

Shane was the recipient of a National Science Foundation/EPSCOR grant for his inventive work in molecular genetics focused on randomly amplifying polymorphic DNA. Shane directed the open Pollination and Select Breeding Hemp Genetics Preservation and Expansion project in 2015 this identifying target cultivars for current and emerging markets. Shane’s interdisciplinary skills ranges from working with numerous state, federal, local and non-profit agencies and has given numerous talks and workshops on the benefits of hemp, most recently as a keynote speaker on “Hemponomics” at the University of Nebraska at Kearny and United Nations Global Energy Summit – COP21 Paris 2015. Shane is the co-author of the recently published: “The Return of the Ancient Partner: HEMP” – “A World of Diverse Cultivars”